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Presented by pounds per square inch performance at Artscape Youngplace in May 2018  

Sara Porter - Creator/performer 

John Lauener - Video footage 

Gerry Trentham - Creative consultant

Katherine Duncanon - Creative consultant

A three-minute compilation of scenes from Getting to Know Your Fruit (12 May 2018), created and performed by Sara Porter. Location: Intergalactic Arts Collective Studio, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto.

cosmos girl.jpg

Sara Porter harvests the fruits of her 30 year career in creative writing and dancing, singing, clown, costume and visual design, bringing everything on stage with her. Poetry overlaps with projections, dancing melds with monologue, exuberant costumes plays against the backdrop of intimate prose. Disco meets Baroque, language meets metaphor, and orange lycra meets the surprise of Sara's inner evangelical preacher.

"If you want to know about an apple, you look at it up really close..."

“Gorgeous, visceral and exhilarating” 

Rose Cullis (director, writer)

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