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Using tools from creative writing, contemporary dance, improvisation, vocal work and clowning, Sara Porter leads a series of dynamic workshops to explore memoir & movement in performance. Drawing on the uniqueness of each person’s experience, body and voice, we mine our pasts and perspectives for material to create springboards for performance.

Photography by Vickie Fagan



new short film created in collaboration with Vickie Fagan / premieres November 6

Celebrating Older & Reckless: 20 years of Age on Stage / produced by Fagan Media Group, November 6th 2020  
I’m honoured to be working in collaboration with award-winning film-maker Vickie Fagan - of Fagan Media Group - as part of the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of Older & Reckless (the brainchild of Claudia Moore and MOonhORsE Dance Theatre). Older & Reckless has played a significant part in changing the landscape of contemporary dance in Toronto and Canada with its productions and programming that highlights senior dance artists, showing that dance matures alongside its dancers and need not end at mid-life. Stay tuned for updates. 

@moonhorsedance and @moonhorsedancetheatre #olderandreckless & #olderandreckless20

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bathtub bran

The Flip Side/part of Fall for Dance North

offers 6 episodes of an interview-style web series... Yes, really in a bathtub! 


Check out the many great dance offerings here!


Photography by Lily Sutherland


Older & Reckless Mentorship Residency program 

researching solo practice with Jessie Garon - memoir & movement in action

Thanks to the Older & Reckless Mentorship Residency program, Jessie Garon and I take two weeks in studio in October to research 

memoir & movement in action.... The project  

continues through spring 2021, culminating in a week at Dancemakers studio.  

Info on Jessie -

Information on Older & Reckless and their excellent initiatives supporting artists and community arts here


I'm currently working as Creative Consultant with inimitable soprano Stacie Dunlop, and circus artists Holly Treddenick (Femmes du Feu Creations) and Angola Murdoch (LookUp Theatre), 

in process of building a contemporary new take on a production of Canadian composer Claude Vivier’s stunningly complex and beautiful modernist score.  


The Lonely

Child Project

Eric Frick Photography 

Creative consultancy

Writing ... in residency at The Theatre Centre with Jennifer Tarver 

I'm thrilled to be working with visionary theatre director Jennifer Tarver as part of a creative collaboration with two inimitable artists - Montreal performer and vocalist Susanna Hood and Toronto's own musician extraordinaire Christine Duncanson. I’ve entered exciting new terrain working as a writer on the project.

This project is part of The Theatre Centre's Residency Program.  

Stay tuned for updates...


More information on the project


Into the Fire 

Residency with Femmes du Feu


I spent a rich week last March at the Winnipeg Firefighters’ Museum leading Memoir & Movement workshops for Femmes du Feu Creations, headed by award-winning aerialist and contemporary circus performer Holly Treddenick. After a successful premiere of  Into the Fire at Rhubarb Festival, Holly is expanding the memoir-based show about growing up with her firefighter father.

Photography by Connie Tsang

Chalmers Arts Fellowship

Sara was awarded a prestigious Chalmers Fellowship to deepen her research into Memoir & Movement. Her research takes her to London, New York, and Ottawa.