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Memoir & Movement

Mile Zero DanceEdmonton

Dance Crush Series

December, 9-13th, 2019

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

Memoir & Movement TORONTO SESSIONS

Email saraporter@sympatico.ca for details.


Classes: Tuesday | 12:30-2:30pm (6 weeks).

Artscape Youngplace | 180 Shaw St.

Talk -- Write -- Move


What to Bring:

Comfortable clothes, pen & paper, water bottle 

Limited to 10 spots. 

Sara Porter leads dynamic studio sessions!

You will move, remember, write, voice, play, discuss, edit, stage your stuff. Build material toward performance, play with craft, explore performing & choreographic possibility.

Come draw on your stories!

“A truly inspiring teacher!” Stephen Levine, founder Create Institute / Expressive Arts, Toronto

Basic Ballet for All Bodies
An easy and contemporary and take on an old form. This weekly, queer-friendly, low-stress adult ballet class offers exercise, wellbeing and general fun. 
Bring your socks and sense of humour!
Open, drop-in classes.
Artscape Youngplace | 180 Shaw Street

Register at saraporter@sympatico.ca