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THANK YOU! to our generous donors, artists, patrons, and guests - everyone who came out to celebrate M-E-L-T! 

Sara Porter Productions presents M-E-L-T, a fundraiser to support the 2023 theatre premiere of L-E-A-K.

"Smart, funny, and poignant."

- Karen Bernard, Performance Mix Festival, NYC

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 12.00.58 AM.png

 “Irreverent and soulful...Sara Porter is magnificent. I'm awestruck!"

Niegel Smith, Artistic Director, The Flea Theatre, New York City

Jay Tse 5GoOt5KA.jpeg

"Outrageously funny and brutally vulnerable."

- Scott Charles, San Francisco

"Rare and nuanced performance that could actually raise our cultural IQ.”                                - Rita Bozi / Springboardperformance

Fruit Banana Lady.jpeg

"Perfect mix of whimsy, shenanigans, bravado, intellect and breathtaking talent."

Hamilton, writer, Vancouver


“A gem of an artist.”

- Guillaume Côté 

Photography by Jay Tse

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