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Banana Lady.jpeg

photograph by Marie Caloz

Getting to know your Fruit 

a ripe and raucous account of the roots and fruits of a family tree 

Sara Porter presents at CAPACOA in Ottawa - November 7th.

“Sara Porter is an unforgettable being onstage.” 
  Lucy Rupert, Blue Ceiling Dance Blog

 “Rare and nuanced performance that could actually raise our cultural IQ.”   Rita Bozi, springboardperformance

“Outrageously funny & brutally vulnerable ... 

a mature woman who isn’t afraid to be just that.”   

  Scott Charles, Writer’s Block, San Francisco

“Smart, funny, and poignant... a tour de force.”

Karen Bernard, Artistic Director, Performance Mix Festival, New York City

“Irreverent and soulful ... Sara Porter is magnificent. I'm awestruck!"

  Niegel Smith, Artistic Director, The Flea Theatre, New York City

"Wildly original and endlessly thought-provoking" 

Heidi Sopinka, Author, The Dictionary of Animal Languages

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