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Photography by Jay Tse

Land Acknowledgement

We, at Sara Porter Productions, express our gratitude to work here in Tkaronto on land that has been tended by many nations of Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. These nations continue to struggle for proper place, respect and treaties with settler governments and people. We acknowledge our responsibility to care for this land and for each other, and continually be in pursuit of better ways of listening and living together. At Sara Porter Productions, we are committed to continuing this learning and growth.

Artist Statement

At Sara Porter Productions - we believe that art is for everyone, both to make and to enjoy. We make performance, creative and educational projects that highlight play and exploration, based in personal storytelling. We take a multidisciplinary & inclusive approach to art-making: integrating movement, language, ideas, science and personal experience to build artworks and creative communities that centre on humility, honesty, rigour and investigative play. We centre our work on foregrounding voices that live outside mainstream art communities, including mothers, elderly, queer and new generation voices. The company’s work is informed by feminist and queer perspectives.


Rooted in company director Sara Porter’s experiential and academic studies in music, sport, literature, dance, cultural studies and science, Sara Porter Productions takes an inclusive – and broad-reaching - approach to art-making and sharing.

We take art outside of cities. 


We make dances about unusual things: fruit, math, mothering. 


We aim to stay abreast of current contemporary performance theories and practices. 


We elevate personal voices - professional and non-professional - through artistic creation.

We value humour, ideas and a playful approach to work.

We aim to build creative communities – through classes, performances, workshops, talks – that reflect the best of humanity’s capacity for sharing and generosity.

We integrate rigorous art training with a continual commitment to exploration. 

We respect and question established practice.  We value craft and respect rebellion. 

We engage with art to relish the beauty and absurdity of human experience. 

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