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The Bad Poetry Drinking Group!    December 4th, 2022

The inaugural session of The Bad Poetry Drinking Group! welcomed poets from Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary and the Mojave desert! Thank you to everyone who participated.  Here's the rundown of what we did: Buoyed by beverages - including a ginger tonic surprise, a cup of tea, a gin & water, and some undisclosed libations - we introduced ourselves in verse (created in 5 minutes), discussed our experiences of poetic thinking, poetry-writing processes, and how our minds / brains / imaginations capture. We talked about how we record image & verse. We read some of our poems aloud. We laughed / pondered / meandered / refocused around poetry, what 'amateur' means, and how writing poetry enriches our lives.

For those of you unwell, busy, otherwise engaged on this Sunday afternoon, have no fear!  We'll be back!

The first Sunday of each month Is now our regular time.
Be there. Bring verse: it doesn't have to rhyme.

NEXT ONLINE MEETING - January 8th, (Sunday) 3-4:30pm EST. (ZOOM)

Stay tuned for an upcoming Live Event in downtown Toronto! 

Phil Strong / December 2nd, 2022

It is with terribly heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear collaborator and friend, Phil Strong. An award-winning composer and sound designer of epic repute, I was thrilled that he said 'yes' when I invited him to build sound for studio opening of Getting to Know your Fruit's in 2018. Phil had bigger stages and projects to work on, but he brought his impish humour, expansive intellect and boundless creative - and punning - self into rehearsal with me. He extended the geometric theory of a 'ray' into Ray Charles, and made the mathematical discovery that the the 'Y' axis held many absurdist questions: "Y am I doing this?" Phil contributed so much more than sound and music to collaborations with Sara Porter over the past 4 years, animating works like Getting to know your Fruit (stage, 2019), and the stage and film versions of This is my Math Dance, as well as last year's studio premiere of L-E-A-K at IGAC studio, Artscape Youngplace. When Phil entered the rehearsal, things always became more lively, vibrant and alive.

Phil's work lives on in the art and projects and relationships he so fully inhabited when he was among us. 

Phil grew up in Sudbury Ontario playing piano and drums and trying his hand at composing from a very early age. He could not know that someday he would be scoring the soundtrack to a film featuring iconic images of his hometown by the renowned artist Ed Burtynsky. However, his interests led to a vital audio internship at the Banff Center where he came into contact with many wonderful artists who imparted their craft and insight in the art of soundtrack creation. Since then Phil has scored soundtracks for over 30 films, as well as dozens of dance productions and art installationsHe was widely celebrated and awarded for his work. 


Wednesday Works

What are you doing this week?

Me? I dunno. I'm kinda bored and cold.

Yeah, me too.

We should do something.

Yeah. I'd like to warm up.

Me too.

Hey, you want to meet up and dance?

Sure! That's a great idea! What's a good night?

Does Wednesday work?

Yes! Wednesday works.

Super! Wednesday works for me, too.

See you there!

Wednesday Works is SPP's weekly public offering of classes, events, community improvisation, open studio, casual performances. Watch this space for details...

Classes currently running 

memoir movement.png
Memoir & Movement

Mondays 10am - 11am
April 3rd - June 12 

past classes...

OPEN Studio Drop-In 


Wed eve. 8-9:30pm
180 Shaw St, #103

4  weeks only
23 Nov-14 Dec 

$10 or

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