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new work in development_fall 2023:    "Hello Sunshine!" (working title)

Artistic director Sara Porter heads to the Dundee, Scotland this September to begin research for a new memoir-based performance provisionally titled: "Hello Sunshine!" about learning she was allergic to the sun at the age of 23 and her life in the shade.


Working in collaboration with renowned bio-artist Elaine Whittaker and lighting designer Rebecca Picherack,

Sara will present new performance in spring 2024.


New work premiered May 2023 - L-E-A-K

Sara Porter Productions' most recent production - inspired by the Bay of Fundy and its highest tides in the world - emerged as an "absurdist erotic lesbian love letter to the ocean" and ran for four nights at the Theatre Centre in Toronto, May 18-21st in front of an enthusiastic audience! 

READ The Toronto Star article

SEE more information on L-E-A-K

photo by Kendra Epik, dancers Jessie Garon, Sara Porter

"wildly original and endlessly thought-provoking!"


Memoir &  Movement 

Three Day Introduction Workshop _ in Studio / Toronto  August -     REGISTER HERE  

AUGUST 9 - 11 / 3:30-5:30pm. (Wed, Thur, Friday) 
Three days introduction to Memoir & Movement as a creative process.

Monday morning Creative Practice - (REGISTRATION now closed)

This group meets weekly to practice art-making  - writing, moving, voice and conversation - as a process-based creative wakeup for the week.   

basic Ballet for all Bodies (bBalletFAB)
classes resume  6 Sept 2023

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

everyone is welcome

Why does Sara teach Ballet?

bBalletFAB Welcome w Details 

Happy Ballet people.jpg

bBalletFAB Waiver

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