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Creative Practice for Seniors

Sara leads private and group sessions in Memoir & Movement for seniors of all ages, up to 90+. Following the needs, histories, and interests of the individual, Sara helps craft creative practice, play and performance projects for professional and amateur artists looking to expand their artistic palettes. 

Recent and Ongoing Projects

THRESHOLD   -  film commission / collaboration with Frances Chudnoff, 2021

In collaboration with film director Frances Chudnoff, we co-created a short film about crossing thresholds in our lives, in buildings, in ourselves. Performed by three dancers over 65 - Christine Moynihan, Catherine Marrion, Katherine Duncanson - the film premiered July 2021 at Porch View Dances, an initiative of Kaeja d'Dance in Toronto. 

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Live performance by Stephen Levine, age 81, at Artscape Youngplace, 2019

After completing a course in Memoir & Movement in 2019, octogenarian Stephen Levine approached me to ask if I would help him create a solo show. Recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, he wanted to remain active and  creatively engaged.

Stephen and I worked together in studio and in his living room through 2019, collecting his stories and setting movement frames for his dancing. In May 2019, Stephen premiered It Could Have Been Me, a 40-minute storytelling & movement show to a packed house at the Intergalactic Studio in Artscape Youngplace. He took his show on the road, performing in Peru, USA, and Switzerland.  

Stephen's background is in performing, but his career focused on developing Expressive Arts Therapy training and education: he is founder of Create Institute, Toronto, as well as programs at The Graduate School in Saas Fe, Switzerland, and author of several books about Expressive Arts therapy. 

Stephen is currently working on his next show.


Stephen Levine, PhD  Professor Emeritus, York University (Toronto) Founding Dean of the Doctoral Program in Arts, Heath and SocietyThe European Graduate School (Switzerland)Founder of The Create Institute (Toronto) 

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It Could Have Been Me!

"Sara Porter is a truly inspiring teacher. She gives her students maximum freedom to discover their own creativity and shape it into form." - Stephen Levine, age 83

"Dancing into my future: How I learned, at 50, to embrace becoming an 'older' dancer"​ - Sara Porter: 'The body's best before date has been extended — and dance extends with it.  CBC Arts online, 2018

CBC Arts · Posted: Dec 28, 2018 11:07 AM ET | Last Updated: December 28, 2018

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