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The Bad Poetry Drinking Group 
"where the bar is low"

A good-humoured group to celebrate and generate Bad Poetry - both our own and those created by others. There is a suprising amount of Bad Poetry in the world and we pledge to honour it all. There is Good-Bad Poetry, Bad-Bad Poetry, and Poetry that is So Bad that, well... let's just say that we're also a support group.


We welcome and share poetry from all members. We host live events, online gatherings, and a Facebook group to share our efforts.

Why not join us?             

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We put the ‘AM’ back in amateur (as in, I 'AM' writing poetry!). This is a hubris-free, safe creative zone, to share, think, talk about and play with real live actual poems. Maybe even yours... Share, listen, watch in wonder.

The only criteria is please write it yourself. But, rules are for fools, so  y'know, poems... 


William Topaz McGonagall (March 1825 – 29 September 1902) was a Scottish poet of Irish descent. He gained notoriety as an extremely bad poet...and was rejected by the Queen herself! But he did not give up. He kept writing Bad Poetry until His Very End.

Tristanne Connelly - Canadian writer - wrote an article about writing bad poetry - and how it can lead to self-acceptance - and has generous allowed our group access to the entire article. 




















Bad Poetry Group History

The origins of The Bad Poetry Drinking Group remain obscure - as one might expect - but legend has it that the first meeting was in a pub on Dundas St West in Toronto in 2013. A group of very tired mothers needed a night out and gathered with the idea to generate bad verse, but only one person turned up with Real Efforts. (ie, see below).


The pandemic demanded creative thinking by creative people and, under the auspices of my new company, I resuscitated the group online as a way to pass the time and stay connected in a fun way to people across the country. The past two years have seen gorgeous and gory offerings of poetry from around the world.


Currently at 130 members, the online group is growing and gaining momentum! It has generated some wonderful poetry: good, touching, eloquent, arresting, heart-stopping, epic, mundane, pathetic, rambling, rare, winsome and worse. In any state, poetry is a way to share our days with one another.


Quick and dirty poems can grace any day - and sharing them is the best way to keep community alive. The stakes are low. The price is nothing. What have you got to lose? "The bar is low" and - as we like to say at The BPDG - it's getting lower all the time...



Bad Poetry is a thing of delight

Bad Poetry is a thing of delight

It’s not something you should try to get right.

But if you feel you really must do it,

I’ve organized something to help you get through it.


There’s rhythm and phrasing and plenty of words

That are expressive and meaningful & often don’t rhyme.

Don’t forget metaphor and the ‘like’ and the ‘as’

That make similes work, at the end of your phraaase.


There’s allusion and image and that thing called caesura,

That I don’t understand, but you probably don’t either.

And enjambment really makes my head spin

Cuz the word looks so awkward, and so is the thing

(that it does, which I won’t explain here)


I could do a kind of performative ending

But after the drinks that might be extending (myself a little too far)…

Oh! Yea! Celebrate the success of my very bad verse.

If I had some more time, I could make it much worse.


MEETINGS - Previous

December 10th, 2023 

February 5th, 2023 

December 4th, 2022



We will meet

We will share

Poetry will happen

Be there.

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William Topaz McGonagall - Scotland's Most Famous Bad Poet! and an inspiration to us all!

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