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Basic Ballet for all Bodies

 Ballet FAB is Back!

Classes begin September 21st 

dance outside the box...

Basic Ballet for all Bodies - aka Ballet FAB - is an inclusive and queer friendly class for adult beginners and those returning to dance after a break and wanting to engage in pleasure and play of ballet.


* Every Body is a Ballet Body *

Ballet FAB offers a fun approach to dance technique that encourages healthy alignment, builds strength, extends flexibility, develops clarity and articulation in movement, while working at a slow and gentle pace. The class incorporates clear technical form, employing humour and humility to find movement that feels comfortable and comfortably challenging. (There might be costumes!)

A gender-gentle approach to ballet-based dancing that encourages and enhances alignment, physical articulation, strength, breath and ease of movement.

* Queer Positive Space *

Classes begin: September 28th, 2022
Wednesdays.  6:30-7:30pm
IGAC Studio, 180 Shaw Street, #103

$15 per single class 
$160  for 14  classes



Sara Porter has designed engaging and innovative dance curriculum over the past twenty-five years in Canada and the UK in a wide range of settings. She has taught professional artists, university students, and dancers of all ages from teens to the elderly through courses in contemporary dance, improvisation, choreography, history, criticism and cultural theory.

All bodies can be ballet bodies. Celebrate the dancer in yours!