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basic Ballet for all Bodies (bBalletFAB)

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All bodies are ballet bodies.

Celebrate the dancer in you!

Ballet FAB is a queer-infused, trans-positive, gay & playful, ballet-based dance class geared toward absolute beginners & those returning to dance after a long break. Do you want to engage in pleasure and play of ballet, but without all the trimmings? This class if for you.


Sara Porter offers a relaxed approach to dance technique to encourage healthy alignment, build strength, extend flexibility, develop clarity and articulation in movement, while working at a slow and gentle pace. The class incorporates clear technical form, employing humour and humility to find movement that feels comfortable and comfortably challenging.

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A popular and animated teacher with 30 years experience, Sara has been on faculty at university and college dance programs in Canada and Scotland, designing and teaching new curriculum in contemporary dance - theory and practice - to students of all ages in a variety of environments. She has led Memoir & Movement workshops across the country, with students (online) from around the world.


Currently, Sara runs independent classes out of her shared studio (Intergalactic Arts Collective Studio) in the beautiful Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. She leads private creative coaching sessions for seniors and artists seeking to expand their personal and professional scope in performance. 

“A truly inspiring teacher! Sara Porter gives her students maximum freedom to discover their own creativity and shape it into form.”

Steve Levine, student, age 84

Founder, The Create Institute, Toronto

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