Sara Porter writes about contemporary dance, its artists, history and issues. Her work has been published the past 25 years across Canada and in Scotland in books, magazines, journals and online.


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“Dancing into my future:

How I learned, at 50,

to embrace becoming

an 'older' dancer.”

Year in Review 2019


CBC Books

“The stories are pocket-sized pieces of literature, both resonant and provocative in surprising ways."  


- Sara Porter on a book that inspired her

Core Magazines


"But it’s also about a person’s creative sources, and the pressures and struggles that attend it."

- Sara Porter on Sara Does A Solo


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"Essential reading for Canadian dance scholars."
Philip Szporer, Hour, Montreal.

Review of Peter in Process

“Porter’s keen mind and rich research capture the gift and grit of Peter Boneham’s 60 years in dance, as founding member of the Groupe de la Place Royale and founding artistic director of Groupe Dance Lab. Porter coaxes stories from the caustic Boneham, connecting the dots from his beginnings in ballet and Broadway to his life-changing meeting with Place Royale founder Jeanne Renaud and her creative coterie, and later his indelible work as dance mentor and teacher."   Philip Szporer (Hour, Montreal)


Published by Dance Collection Danse, 2010

Available for purchase and in select bookstores.


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“Digging into Dance: how passion works for Serge Bennathan”

(chapter by Sara Porter)


Ed. Brian Webb,

Banff Press, 2002


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“From Calamity to Choreography: Dance and Rising Separatist Sentiment in 1970s Quebec”

(chapter by Sara Porter)

Eds. A Lindgren & K Pepper,

Dance Collection Danse, 2012



“Bridging theory and practice:

Being a dance writer and dancer in the community at the same time”

Ed. Iro Tembeck, 

Dance Collection Danse, 2000

Bad Poetry Drinking Group.jpeg

A FaceBook group I created during the COVID-19 pandemic & Toronto-wide lockdown

You, too, can build bad verse, develop disastrous ditties and fill your time

with poor phrases, misstep with metaphors and add awful alliteration.

Go to Town! Don't hold Back. Or maybe... something else will emerge?

You could also Dare to Try to make something nice...It's a kind and supportive group. Bad is relative...

Open to Everyone with a fear of CoVid19, and a desire to set other people's teeth on edge. Poet-away! The Badder the Better.

The Bad Poetry Drinking Group – A Proposal for Submissions

(created with coffee Sunday March 15th)

Bad Poetry is a thing of delight

It’s not something you should try to get right.

So commit! and when you’re ready to do it,

I’ve organized something to help you get through it.

Be not afraid: It’s just talking fancy.

Choose simple words and let them go dance’y.

There’s rhythm and phrasing and plenty of language

Expressive and meaningful that doesn’t have to rhyme.

Include metaphor along with the ‘like’ and the ‘as’

That make similes work, to embellish your phraaaase.

Try allusion or image or a thing called caesura,

That I don’t understand (but you probably won’t either).

That enjambment thing really makes a head spin

‘cuz the word looks so awkward, and so is the thing

that it does (which I won’t explain here).

Normally, I’d do a performative ending

But that is extending this poem a little too far…

Besides... Corona won’a ‘llow it

This is first of my Very Bad Verse.

With a little practice

I hope to make it much worse.