As a writer, Sara Porter creates fiction, non-fiction, dance reviews, dance history, biography, poetry and songs. Her background in academia and arts journalism bring a wealth of experience to her writing work. Sara works as a consultant to artists (and others) in grant-writing, generating creative text for stage shows, as a teacher in Memoir & Movement, and founder of The Bad Poetry Drinking Group. 

The Bad Poetry Drinking Group

poems need people

& people need poems

drinks need glasses

to feel at hoem

An online group for sharing original poetry in a safe and supportive community. Created during the pandemic lockdown as a way to stay creative and connected - and lift our spirits - through making and sharing our amateur home-made poems. The group accepts anyone who adheres to the rules of respect that help keep us feeling safe in the vulnerable practice of revealing our tender poetic selves. 

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“Dancing into my future:

How I learned, at 50,

to embrace becoming

an 'older' dancer.”

Year in Review 2019