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"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people." - Virginia Woolf


March 18  - May 27  

ONLINE. Monday mornings.  10-11am

IN STUDIO. Tuesday afternoons. 12:30-2:30pm

(IGAC Studio, 180 Shaw Street, #103, Toronto) - tbc, or other similar studio

"Everything begins as a story we tell about ourselves..."     Jeannette Winterson

Memoir & Movement is a multi-disciplinary approach to investigating your own creative practice to build performance material based in your life experience.  Each class includes guided movement improvisation, vocal work, creative writing, and integration to expand artistic boundaries and articulate stories within our bodies and voices. Building material geared toward performance. Hear your own voice tell your own story - in words, movement, voice, song, costume.  


Explore your body of stories!  All ages, all genders, all abilities, all welcome.

MONDAYS (online 10am) - March 18-May 27 (no class Easter Monday or Victoria Day)

A gentle, creative wake-up for your week. Sara leads an hour of Memoir & Movement-inspired practice:  Each hour-long session includes: dance improvisation, creative writing, conversation about creative process, voice work and poetry.   

COST : $275 - $200 (CADA rate)

Please contact us if payment is a barrier

TUESDAYS (studio 12:30pm) - March 19-May 21 

A deeper dive into building material over several weeks. Each session includes: dance improvisation, creative writing, voice work, poetry, discussion on  identity, personal process, and artmaking.  At IGAC Studio, 180 Shaw St, #103 (tbc, or similar)

COST : $360 - $260 (CADA rate)

Please contact us if payment is a barrier

Wonderful, generous and so beautifully creative

You are a great teacher and facilitator. You led us through this rich, subtle process of listening & noticing with such humour, light, and instinct

This class, at this time, was a gift

A heart-lifting experience


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Heading 1

"Working with Sara Porter in her ‘Memoir & Movement’ course has inspired me to rework my solo contemporary circus show; Twist of Fate from 2008. Sara has a fantastic way of pulling out dialogue from people that is poetic and meaningful. Through her own created exercises, she asks you to dig deep into your past and express memory through writing, sound and movement."

- Angola Murdoch, Lookup Theatre

MemVt Workshop Info

"As actor-performers, we are either creating when working for/ or collaborating in projects; participating in time framed, structured workshops, or practicing alone in our own private spaces. Sara’s weekly sessions provide us with a rare, and unique opportunity of creating individually, privately yet in the company of others regularly spread over a couple of months. They are precious time windows where we explore our own individual body-mind-movement with Sara’s guidance, sharing it simultaneously. It’s an hour of joyful movement-dance improvisation, creative writing, and inspiring conversations about performance creation. I’m grateful! “


- Itir Arditi _ actor, June 2023


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Sara Porter has 30 years experience as a dance educator, teaching both creative and theoretical approaches to contemporary dance in colleges and university in Canada and Scotland. An innovative and popular teacher, she has advised on curriculum - and developed new program content - for professional professional training programs and university departments in Canada and Scotland.

Sara is in demand across the country by artists in an array of disciplines - including opera, theatre, circus, dance - as a guide to extend and enrich creative and personal practices. 

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Workshop Location

Intergalactic Arts Collective Studio, #103

Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St, Toronto


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