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Video by Lucius Dechausay


CBC Arts The Move

Season 2 | Episode 3

Is there an expiration date for dance? Through improvisation, Sara Porter has found a way to move that may have her dancing into her 80s.   View Video

 “Rare and nuanced performance that could actually raise our cultural IQ.”


Rita Bozi / “Double Bill Review by Rita Bozi”, (19 Oct 2017), Springboardperformance

 “Outrageously funny and brutally vulnerable, Sara Porter is a mature woman who isn’t afraid to be just that.”    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Scott Charles, The Writer’s Block, San Francisco (23 May 2016)

“Sara Porter is an unforgettable being onstage.”  


Lucy Rupert / “Sara keeps doing a solo ...and thank goodness for that!” (3 August 2016)

Getting to know your Fruit.

Fall for Dance North - Toronto

Mambo: The Podcast 

Podcast | October 2021

Mambo goes behind-the-scenes

of FFDN's 2021 festival. 

Fall for Dance North - Toronto

Bathtub Bran : Video interview

Podcast | October 2020

The Flip Side, Fall for Dance North's 2020 festival, offers 6 episodes of an interview-style web series...

Yes, really in a bathtub!

Turn Out Radio

Podcast | 26 February 2020

Transitioning Through Art with Sara Porter

Produced by Nicole Hamilton and Malgorzata Nowacka-May

CTV Television - Winnipeg

Live televised Interview | July 2021

Sara talks about "This is my Math Dance" - her short film presented at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers

Sara Porter Interview on CBC -

CBC Radio Interview 

Radio (live) 

About "Sara does a Solo" at SummerWorks (Here and Now with Karen Gordon)

Image - Version 3.jpg

Sara does a Solo .

Blue Ceiling Dance Blog

"What I have learned is that some things are always hard. You never master vulnerability. It’s always a challenge.You never overcome the rawness of performing. It’s always raw."

- Lucy Rupert interviews Sara Porter on how Sara does a Solo has changed over the years. 




"She is a stunning dancer at heart even though she grapples with the dancer she once was, whether she is still a dancer, whether she will be one in the future whether she ever was one."

- Rita Bozi on Sara does a Solo


The Writer's Block

“She is the only person I’ve even seen who can play the Ukulele with a heavy-metal ferocity.”

- Scott Charles reviews Sara does a Solo

The Edmonton Journal / PREVIEW (print) | 5 December 2019

Sara does a Solo by Roger Levesque

Sara Does A Solo: Multidisciplinary Mile Zero Dance show tackles motherhood, aging and identity


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