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Video by Lucius Dechausay


CBC Arts The Move

Season 2 | Episode 3

Is there an expiration date for dance? Through improvisation, Sara Porter has found a way to move that may have her dancing into her 80s.   View Video

"In today's Canadian dance scene, there is simply no choreographer quite like Sara Porter."


Philip Szporer, Montreal  

 “Outrageously funny and brutally vulnerable, Sara Porter is a mature woman who isn’t afraid to be just that.”    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Scott Charles, The Writer’s Block, San Francisco (23 May 2016)

“Sara Porter is an unforgettable being onstage.”  


Lucy Rupert / “Sara keeps doing a solo ...and thank goodness for that!” (3 August 2016)

 “Rare and nuanced performance that could actually raise our cultural IQ.”


Rita Bozi / “Double Bill Review by Rita Bozi”, (19 Oct 2017), Springboardperformance

Getting to know your Fruit.

Fall for Dance North - Toronto

Mambo: The Podcast 

Podcast | October 2021

Mambo goes behind-the-scenes

of FFDN's 2021 festival. 

Fall for Dance North - Toronto

Bathtub Bran : Video interview

Podcast | October 2020

The Flip Side, Fall for Dance North's 2020 festival, offers 6 episodes of an interview-style web series...

Yes, really in a bathtub!

Turn Out Radio

Podcast | 26 February 2020

Transitioning Through Art with Sara Porter

Produced by Nicole Hamilton and Malgorzata Nowacka-May

CTV Television - Winnipeg

Live televised Interview | July 2021

Sara talks about "This is my Math Dance" - her short film presented at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers

Sara Porter Interview on CBC -

CBC Radio Interview 

Radio (live) 

About "Sara does a Solo" at SummerWorks (Here and Now with Karen Gordon)

Image - Version 3.jpg

Sara Does A Solo.

Blue Ceiling Dance Blog

"What I have learned is that some things are always hard. You never master vulnerability. It’s always a challenge.You never overcome the rawness of performing. It’s always raw."

- Lucy Rupert interviews Sara Porter on how Sara does a Solo has changed over the years. 




"She is a stunning dancer at heart even though she grapples with the dancer she once was, whether she is still a dancer, whether she will be one in the future whether she ever was one."

- Rita Bozi on Sara does a Solo


The Writer's Block

“She is the only person I’ve even seen who can play the Ukulele with a heavy-metal ferocity.”

- Scott Charles reviews Sara does a Solo

The Edmonton Journal / PREVIEW (print) | 5 December 2019

Sara does a Solo by Roger Levesque

Sara Does A Solo: Multidisciplinary Mile Zero Dance show tackles motherhood, aging and identity


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