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Teaching and learning go together. Through new ideas, we explore new practices, visions, and creative terrain.

It is a privilege to open a space for learning and to support a curious body and mind as I can work with an artist who is investigating their potential. I am happiest when I get to share in this thinking and practising with others.


My teaching life has taken me far and wide, with people of all ages and capacities. In my experience, thinking, moving, considering new ideas and practices - in a trusting group setting - always helps new things grow.

As a perpetual student, I have trained in high jump, choral singing, clowning, memoir, religious studies, dance analysis, volleyball, baby-raising, Cunningham technique, biochemistry, contact improvisation, cooking, French horn, ballet, Expressive Arts Therapy, theatre history, French and a few other things... I have a BA (Fine Arts, Honours) and an MA (Dance Studies). I teach dance, writing, voice.

Please get in touch if you want to explore new terrain.

- Sara Porter

Sara Porter has designed engaging and innovative dance curriculum over the past twenty-five years in Canada and the UK in a wide range of settings. She has taught professional artists, university students, and dancers of all ages from teens to seniors through courses in contemporary dance, improvisation, choreography, history, criticism and cultural theory.

 “You are a great teacher and facilitator. You led us through this rich, subtle process  of listening & noticing with such humour, light, & instinct.” 

- participant, Memoir & Movement

A truly inspiring teacher, Sara Porter gives her students maximum freedom to discover their own creativity and shape it into form.”

- Steve Levine, Founder,

The Create Institute, Toronto 

Classes Currently Running

Basic Ballet for all Bodies - aka bBallet FAB
is a welcoming and queer friendly ballet inspired dance class for adult beginners and those returning to dance after a break.

Memoir & Movement
is a multi-arts approach to exploring your body of stories through text, voice and movement



Creative Consultancy

For creative & performing artists

of any discipline or experience level


Sara offers individual, one-on-one, bespoke creative process development, training and workshops to expand thinking, creative scope, perspective & practice.  

She has worked with contemporary choreographers, opera singers, dancers, circus artists, writers, actors, directors and teachers across Canada an internationally.


Sara has been developing a unique teaching practice over the past 30 years with Canadian and international artists and students in a variety or institutional and informal settings. She available for workshops and private consultation to develop and extend your unique artistic voice

Please feel free to open a conversation with Sara if you are interested to explore new creative paths and perspectives on your art-making.   


Let's talk!

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