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Phil Strong

Sound Designer,  L-E-A-K

Phil was a great contributor to Sara Porter's work over five years. His death is a profound loss to many creative communities and we miss him.

Phil Strong passed away in December 2022.

Phil Strong is a Toronto-based composer and musician working in musical performance, dance, film and theatre. 

Phil has over thirty-four credits as a film composer and is a multiple Canadian Screen Award winner and nominee. In 2019 Phil and co-composer Laurel MacDonald were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best musical score for their work on Moze Mossanen’s feature-length documentary You Are Here and received the SOCAN award for the same production. Phil has created scores that have been recognized at the Dora Mavoor Moore (theatre) awards, as well as music recordings that earned East Coast Music and Juno awards. 

Over the past three decades, he has created scores for many contemporary dance works, most recently also performing those scores live, both as an electronic musician and instrumentalist. Multiple collaborations with dance artists and companies such as Kaeja d’Dance, Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Louis Laberge-Coté, Michael Caldwell, Bouchardanse - have involved sound designs that respond to movement. This includes performing in SDXtet - a live musical trio with Eric Cadesky and Laurel MacDonald - which accompanied 21 of Toronto’s most revered dance artists in Kaeja d’Dance’s Solo Dance Xchange.

Many stage productions feature Phil’s work as a sound designer, mixer and technical consultant, including pianist Eve Egoyan’s 2019-2020 international tour of Solo for Duet, on many iterations of the Videovoce project with Laurel MacDonald, and on the Patchwork’s vocal duo productions with Laurel and Mary Jane Lamond. Phil Strong is also a performing member of the Georgian singing ensemble, Darbazi.

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