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Jessie Garon

Performer, L-E-A-K

Originally from homesteaded family crop and cattle farm in Alberta west of Edmonton, Jessie Garon is a dancer, choreographer and educator based in Toronto. Sought after for her honest and athletic performances she works with stage artists around the world including Serge Bennathan, Lemi Ponifasio (New Zealand), and Danielle Agami (USA) and commercially in music videos like Joseph of Mercury’s Angel and for companies including American Airlines. She choreographs and movement directs theatre productions, films and music videos including Driftwood Theatre’s A (Musical) Midsummer Night's Dream, Birds of Bellwoods music video Let You Go and MDL CHLD’s music video Walk Away. Currently, Jessie is choreographing figure skating numbers in Stars on Ice for world/Olympic champions Kaetlyn Osmond and Kurt Browning. As a choreographer, her work explores connectivity, and resilience through physical rigor and real-time decision. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Vazari Dance Projects through which she seeks to bring new people to dance through creating original work, producing events and seeking out unique collaborations.

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