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Production in Development

17 seconds of light ...

From the hot experience of sizzling skin to some dark truths about quiet isolation, Sara reveals the long held story of her chronic allergy to sunlight that has kept her indoors - during daylight hours - for all of her adult life.

"17 seconds of light" tells the story of one woman navigating the nuances of invisible disability where light is the very thing she needs to avoid. 

Working in collaboration with bio-artist Elaine Whittaker and lighting designer Rebecca Picherack, Sara explores grief, absurdity, belief and bikinis in her new work about Polymorphous Light Eruption and living her life in the shade ... (work in development)

collaborator - Katherine Duncanson

sound design - Stephen Joffe

1 b_w DSC_0322.jpg

Photo by Omer K Yukseker

Project supported by a research and creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts 

Sara travelled to Scotland's Ninewells Hospital to meet with Dr Sally Ibbitson and Dr Ewan Eadie as part of her research into PMLE and its treatment. Sara expresses her gratitude to the Ninewells Hospital Photodermatology Unit who welcomed her to the hospital.

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