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Bad Poetry: Live - Coming to a city near you!

Bad Poetry is a full evening event that blends set and improvisatory material, created and performed by professional improvisers - both in music and dance. The event provides an open forum for poetic play, between audience and four performing artists

Production in Development

Hello Sunshine!

Sara Porter is developing a new memoir-based solo about living with sun allergy. 

Working with long time collaborator Katherine Duncanson, and bio-artist Elaine Whittaker, lighting designer Rebecca Picherack, Sara explores grief, absurdity, science and bikinis in a new work about Polymorphous Light Eruption and living her life in the shade. Sound design by Stephen Joffe. 

This project is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. 


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photography of Sara Porter by Omer Yukseker

Thank you to Dr Sally Ibbitson and Dr Ewan Eadie at Ninewells Hospital Photodermatology Unit in Dundee, Scotland where she undertook research into PMLE and its treatment.

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