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17 seconds of light ...

what is it like to be allergic to the sun? working in collaboration with bio-artist Elaine Whittaker, Sara explores invisible disability in her new work about polymorphous light eruption and her life in the shade ... (work in development)



May 18 - May 21 , 2023
The Franco Boni Theatre,

an absurdist and poetic lesbian love letter to the ocean, inspired by the ecosexual notions of falling in love with the earth. The work draws on images, poetry, and surreal stories created from the shores of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy - home to the highest tides in the world.

dancer Jessie Garon
photo Kendra Epik

"A stunning multi-media performance, a poetry in motion, graceful, humorous, crazy-wild, informative, mythic, surreal, oceanic in its breadth. It’s impossible to describe the richness of L-E-A-K.”

getting to know your fruit

on film


collaboration with director William Yong

premiered / October 2021 at Fall for Dance North

co-presented by  FFDN & DanceWorks

Sara in Saran.jpeg
Banana Lady.jpeg

Getting to Know your Fruit

on stage

premiered at Artscape Youngplace / IGAC studio, 2019
presented at Fall for Dance North International Presenters Showcase, 2020

created and performed by Sara Porter
creative collaborator Katherine Duncanson

sound design Phil Strong
producer Laura Phillips
video design Julia Howman
photo Marie Caloz


Sara Porter Math Dance June 2021.JPG

 This is    (a film of)

 my Math Dance 


  created in collaboration with Vicky Fagan

  music / sound by Phil Strong & Laurel MacDonald

  presented at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers



directed by Francesca Chudnoff

featuring performers

Katherine Duncanson

Christine Moynihan

Catherine Marrion 

commissioned for

Porch View Dances August 2021

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 12.51.37 PM.png

Photography by Vickie Fagan

Blue  (film) 
created in collaboration with Vicki Fagan

produced by Fagan Media Group,

celebrating Older & Reckless:

20 years of Age on Stage

premiered November 2021


Chalmers Arts Fellowship

Sara was awarded a prestigious Chalmers Fellowship to deepen her research into Memoir & Movement.

Her research takes her to London, New York, and Ottawa. 

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