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photo by Kendra Epik

"I loved math in high school.  


Before I did dance, I did math. 

I found it comforting.   


I loved how you could prove things to be true. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.


All you had to do was 

          (1) find the form

          (2) follow the steps, and

          (3) you’d come out with



           Perfect Answer 

           (perfect dancer)."

When I began university as a bio-chemistry major, I studied calculus through my first year. I worked hard and loved its clarity. But I didn't last the year, transferring out of science into liberal arts and then into theatre. 

My first theatre project was to create a one-minute performance rendition of a play. I chose the French playwright Ionesco's already absurdist The Rhinoceros. The absurdist bug has never let me go...

IMG_0155 copy.jpeg

"In Math – everything happens in a space delineated by

the X + the Y axis.


The horizontal axis is your “ex”         

 ...  ex-lover...

 ...  ecstatic...

 ...  ex chromosome...

 ...  X marks the spot  (oh, yeah...the spot!)"

photo by Kendra Epik

photo by Kendra Epik

This is my Math Dance grew through the development of “Getting to know your Fruit,” a memoir-based show that investigates the roots and fruits of my family tree. It’s about navigating identity, queerness, and the tender flesh of our physical selves. I discovered several books with numbered instructions on how many steps it took to write a memoir. I decided to try the mathematical approach to see if it worked and concocted a mathematical formula to prove the existence of my fantasy alter-ego, named "Naranja". Thus, the Math Dance was born.

Sound - Phil Strong

Creative Consultant - Katherine Duncanson

Costume - Sara Porter

Set construction - James Kendall

“This is my Math Dance” premiered at Dance Matters (2020). Its next presentation at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers was cancelled due to CoVid and re-envisioned as a film by Vicky Fagan.

7 Math + Infinity 2 (Sara Porter selfie).JPG


Vicky Fagan


Sara Porter 


Phil Strong


Laurel MacDonald

Commissioned by

Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers (2021)

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