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Nina Milanovski

Guest Curator/ SUS (SHOW UR STUFF)

Nina Milanovski is a producer and contemporary dance artist based in Toronto. A graduate of the York University Dance program, Nina specialized in choreography and performance and was a member of the York Dance Ensemble. Intrigued by introspection through creating solo work and combining speech and dance, Nina created "Help Me To Help You To Like Me - A Working Title™" through the Artist in Residence program with Zaratan Arte Contemporânea in Lisboa, Portugal. In 2021, Nina was the Artist in Residence for Good Women Dance Collective, and developed "uncoupling", a duet that explores the unraveling of a romantic relationship between two women by exploring the passage of time and foreshadowing. uncoupling will premiere in 2024 as part of Dance Weekend’24 (Toronto) and Skirtsafire (Edmonton) festivals. Looking forward, Nina is excited to develop her solo, “Good Girl”, which investigates the intersections of sexism, homophobia and obedience.

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