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L-E-A-K premiered at The Theatre Centre, Toronto May 2023

dancer Jessie Garon photo by Kendra Epik

Audience Response

"A stunning multi-media performance, a poetry in motion, graceful, humorous, crazy-wild, informative, mythic, surreal, oceanic in its breadth. It’s impossible to describe the richness of L-E-A-K.”

"Like nothing else I have ever experienced ... I feel like it should be on some giant stage and go around the world because it is specific and universal and somehow for this moment in time right now. THANK YOU for making it.” 

“ Incredible show. It's so brilliant, so rich, so funny, so sublime ... wildly original and endlessly thought-provoking. I loved it so much!”


part dance show, part art exhibit, part research project, part erotic poem to the ocean 

Inspired by environmentalist Rachel Carson's writing about the ocean, her amorous letters penned while wading the tidal pools of Maine, Sara's ferry crossings of the Bay of Fundy, and scientific research into the sexual orientation of seagulls off the coast of California, L-E-A-K is a kind of love letter to the ocean, an erotic account of the whole wet & messy event that is the beginning of the world, the leaky terrain of bodies, and the ocean's inconsistent edge...


photo by Kendra Epik


Sara Porter 


Sara Porter & Jessie Garon


Katherine Duncanson


Linnea Swan, Jeremy Mimnagh 


Jeremy Mimnagh, after Phil Strong


Rebecca Picherack


Curtis Whittaker


Kathy Le


Jenny McCowan

Thanks for The Lindy Green Family Foundation for contribution to the presentation of L-E-A-K

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