Performance, choreography, text, costume, video, visual design - Sara Porter

Creative collaborators  - Katherine Duncanson, Gerry Trentham

Technical manager - James Kendall

Lighting - Simon Rossitor, James Kendall

Music - Mary Margaret O’Hara

Paper Bust - Paperhouse Studio

 “Funny, irreverent, soulful and a magnicent dancer. I'm awestruck!.”

Niegel Smith (Director, The Flea Theatre, New York City) 

 “Better than excellent.”

John Oswald (Governor-General Award-winning Media artist and composer) 

 “Stunning visual feast!”

Susan Gorbet (designer, Gorbet Design) 

Fluid Fest 2017: Sara Does A Solo Trailer

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Getting to Know your Fruit.

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Photography by: Kendra Epik