“Funny, irreverent, soulful … Sara Porter is magnificent!"

Niegel Smith, director, The Flea Theatre, NYC

Sara does a Solo - Trailer (2017)

Creation and Performance - Sara Porter

Creative collaborators  - Katherine Duncanson, Gerry Trentham

Technical director - James Kendall

Lighting - Simon Rossitor, James Kendall

Music - Mary Margaret O’Hara


“Outrageously funny and brutally vulnerable...”

Scott Charles, Writer’s Block, San Francisco

After three decades as a dancer and a writer – Sara Porter stands at the collision of the two in Sara does a Solo. She turns her writing on herself in a vivid interplay of fact & fiction, memoir & fantasy, confession & caricature, devising a fearless account of what we all face: an aging body and a reflective mind.


Porter has a penchant for humour and a sharp eye to visual design and creates a world where intimacy and pathos, hilarity and beauty co-exist in the physical stories she tells about life as an artist and a parent.


Part memoir, part stand-up comedy, part dance performance, Sara does a Solo is unlike anything else. A bold and beautiful account of mid-life.  


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